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Day 5 of the Florida Osceola bowhunt
Day 5:  After a heavy rain we drove out to hunt and saw wild hogs in an orange grove. Doug phoned the camp and reported our location to see if we could hunt these hogs. This particular property was joined on both sides by Florida Wildlife Unlimited's properties, but we could not hunt here. Hogs in a Florida orange grove!!! That' a new one on me and I had to have pictures. So I snuck up on the hogs and took several pics. (In the first pic, in addition to the hogs coming into view, you can see some plastic piping being used.)  I wanted to see if I could get in close enough for a good shot. As you see, I did.  To The Grand Slam Hunt
DSC07841 DSC07842 DSC07843 DSC07847
DSC07854 DSC07855