2007 Gobbler Bowhunt
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Digital Logs of the 2007 Double Grand Slam Bowhunt
with Fred Lutger, Doug Crabtree & Robert Hoague
2007 Triple Double Grand Slam Bowhunt

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Time To Move On - Nebraska Bound (Merrium's)

We have to go to Nebraska. This morning we loaded all our considerable gear in my pickup. Three years ago on our tip to South Dakota we had some rain gear and other hunting clothes as well as a pair of expensive hunting boots blow out of the bed of my truck. We didn't want a re-play of that unfortunate incident.

One of the sponsors of this hunt is the Rope Ratchet and they are sure coming in handy. As you can see below our bow cases, luggage, blinds and other items are stacked in the pickup bed -- it is real full. The Rope Ratchet is perfect for securing your hunting stuff. Just pull on the rope and the ratchet cinches your stuff as tight as you want. 
This particular Rope Ratchet is the 1/2" model with a 12 foot chord. Three of them tucked our gear in perfectly. 

Next we said our good byes to our hosts David Mills, Sean Kelleher and Amy, Colton and Faith Mills.. Fred and I ate lunch and then drove to I-75 and went north. When we got to Gainesville, Florida it was 2:05 in the afternoon and we had time to stop at the Fred Bear Archery plant. It is right by the interstate 75 at Archer Drive. GO...
In Florida we are hunting with David Mills of Zolfo Springs, Florida in Central Florida's Osceola wild turkey country. David is an easy going, likable guy with a good sense of humor.

David has thousands of acres available to hunt Florida Osceolas. He understands this unique species of wild turkey and knows their habitat.
David is now part of the Woodhaven Sting Team and is hosting Mike Pentecost and several members of the team on this hunt. To contact David about Osceola hunts, bow or shotgun, phone 1-863-990-9087. David also guides Alligator hunts.

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Double Grand Slam Bowhunt

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