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2007 Triple Double Grand Slam Bowhunt

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Tree Apron
Tree Apron Reviews: PART 1 | PART 2

Part 1: Does It Have A Place In Your Turkey Hunting?

This turkey season I got to field test an item called the Tree Apron from Their advertisement is "The only gear you need beside your bow." Before I took it in the field I got out my turkey vest and dumped all its contents on my truck tailgate and began transferring stuff to the Tree Apron. Truthfully, I did not expect to fit all the gear I had pack ratted into the turkey vest into the Tree Apron.


Every last item went in the Tree Apron. And it was organized better. You can see the Tree Apron in use below.

The Tree Apron, pictured above, has plenty of pockets and they are a variety of useful sizes. Below you can see the pockets on the left side (on the outside). The bottom one holds both an aluminum and slate Woodhaven friction calls. Above that is two pockets that are the right size for mouth calls, ThermaCell pads and a measuring tape. There is a large zipper pocket behind the outside pockets and a mesh pocket behind that. 

So you can see what all it will hold I laid everything out on my tailgate and took a picture.

This is everything I take with me turkey hunting. Top Left to right: Rope Ratchet, camo cord, slate Strikers, limb cutter, gobble tube, tent stakes for the blind when it is windy, water, and folding knife. Under that is strong black cord, ThermaCell, measuring tape, several mouth calls, sanding material, pink flagging, aluminum and slate calls with covers, two small flashlights (one with regular light and the other makes red light) and a bungy chord.

This is what the Tree Apron looks like. It has a waist belt as well as cross straps that go over your shoulders and fasten.

The Tree Apron can be worn like a Fanny Pack.

Or with the shoulder straps and the top part up.

After using it for a few weeks I have a good handle on the usefulness of the Tree Apron. It is every bit as good as my turkey vest and it has none of the negatives of the vest. For example, the vest is hot in warmer weather. The Tree Apron is not. The vest has pockets but they are not configured nearly as well as the Tree Apron's pocket.

Simply put the Tree Apron is better than the turkey vest. Its pocket system carry as much gear and that gear is easier to find when you want it. And easier and quicker to put away. Plus, there is a snap at the top that you can tie things to like a decoys. 

Can I get everything in it except my bow? Well, truthfully, no. The pictures of me using the Tree Apron were taken during actual hunts and I carry along two things that I wouldn't put in the Tree Apron anyway 

  1. my camera -- for the times I walk up on something and want a picture, I didn't get all those turkey and deer pictures over the years by not being ready. 
  2. and the Hazel Creek taxidermy jake decoy -- it comes with its own burlap, camo caring bag and lets the feathers (real ones) breath and air out in bad weather. 
So my once ol' favorite turkey vest is hanging in the garage with many other replaced items. I am a Tree Apron guy. This is a super, well thought out tool for hunting wild turkeys. And in using it I learned some other ways it is useful. But I will take that up in Tree Apron, Part 2

See an excellent demo and get more info on the Tree Apron at

Tree Apron is available for purchase and immediate delivery from

If you attend either of the following hunting shows you can see the Tree Apron there:

  • July 20-22, 2007 Alabama World Deer & Turkey Expo
  • July 27-29, 2007 Buckmaster Expo 

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