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Whitetail University Writers Camp #1 - 2007
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Day 3 - Bear Archery

Ross Rinehart and Ben Blosser arrived today to show the writers the new Bear Archery line for 2008. 

Ross Rinehart and Ben Blosser of Bear Archery.

Ross opened their presentation and brought everyone up to speed on the current Bear Archery. It is owned by the giant Escalade Sports and Escalade is fully committed to making Bear Archery the powerhouse it formerly was. Part of that commitment has been bringing additional archery companies in with Bear Archery. The acquisition of Carolina Archery (Whisker Biscuit) a couple of years back was a very successful venture. And now the addition of Trophy Ridge brings to the Bear table some of the top technologies in bowsights, bowquivers, stabilers, broadheads and even arrows.

Ross introduced the new 2008 Truth 2 bow. (We will come back to that in a few seconds.) 

The other new Bear Archery bows have new names with a slant on being different, edgy and fun: Done Deal, Game Over, Lights Out and the Show Down.

After Ross's talk we all went outside and Ben Bloss brought out the new Truth 2 bow.

Ben Blosser is Product Development Engineer for Bear Archery. They do all the design and testing for the Bear bows from concept to finished. They use 3-dimemsial CAD software as well as Finite Element Analysis software to optimize the design structurally. For example, they can take the design of a bow handle and optimize it so it does not have any weaknesses and is as strong and lightweight as possible, without even making one.

There are 5 engineers in the department for archery products that design bows and accessories. On the Truth 2 Ben and the team designed the new limbs first. They wanted a shorter limb and a straighter, less reflexed handle and that was the basis for the bow to  point and aim like a target bow, instead of a highly reflexed hunting bow. High reflex bows can be very torque sensitive and can be a problem in hunting situations.

Truth 2 has a brand new perimeter weighted modular adjustable cam with an asymmetric cable grove to minimize serving wear and reduce friction. It adjust from 24 to 30 inched of draw in plus or minus half inch adjustments on the string posts, 27 to 30 inches is adjustable without a bow press. The standard string is Winners Choice in Bear's Orange and Green colors. 

Totally new, are the Dual Arc String Suppressers that damp out vibration and minimize hand and bow shock. 

Two Axle Mounted Weighted Dampeners (see below) take the place of add on dampeners and place the dampening element at the far end of the limbs, where they are most effective.

The new Flare Quad Limbs are beyond parallel limbs and they are compression molded limbs that are stress optimized for efficiency and durability. Bear's patented compression molding process allows for continuous un-cut fibers. This type of limb manufacturing technology is known for limbs that are exceptionally long lasting, stable do not break.

The grip is a one piece over mold narrow grip with the Bear logo. It's material further reduces vibration, minimizes hand torque and is warm during cold weather.

After everyone looked the Truth 2 over Ross invited us to shoot it. It was as promised, smooth and quiet indeed. Above, Brent Henderson takes a few shots with the Bear Truth 2 bow.

Then both Ross and Ben stayed to visit and answer questions from the writers. Both Ross and Ben are top notch, quality businessmen who are archers and bowhunters as well.

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