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Bowhunting & Archery Club eCommunication Center
NEW - Bowhunting & Archery Clubs With Home Pages
Our online Directory of Clubs and Associations with home pages and web sites.
Free Web Sites For Clubs & Associations - Several clubs are putting their web site here, right now. You are welcome to join them and add your club's page or web site to the Club Web Site section.
New Club Sites & Club News
Bosque Bowhunter Assn.
3-D archery in Central Texas. Join us at our new 67 acre range. Monthly shoots, our 2001 shoot schedule, photo gallery, club bowhunts, and other events.
ASA - Archery Shooters Assn.
ASA's 2001 Tour & New 3-D archery tournaments promise to be biggest ever.
Dara Dawn Fenhaus Memorial Tournament for 2001
Use your bow to help children with cancer at the  8th Annual Colorado Springs Archers' Pikes Peak 3-D Tournament & Rendezvous. You can help even if you can't go.
FHFH - Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry
Farmers and hunters, with the support of churches, businesses, organizations, processors and individuals have joined for the common purpose of distributing this renewable food resource to the hungry of Maryland.
Physically Challenged Bowhunters of America
PCBA is a non-profit organization that assists physically disabled persons through active participation in bowhunting and archery. A major emphasis is placed on reaching people with disabilities who have never experienced the greatest recreational therapy in the world, bowhunting! 
FAST - The Future of Archery Sports - (FAST) is a non-profit organization started by David Locke and Wess Ferris to raise funds for summer camp scholarships.
BOW - Becoming an Outdoor Woman
BOW is an international organization that introduces and assists women in discovering the outdoors. The BOW web site has links to their 2001 workshop schedule, infomation, events, sponsors, BOW People, and more.
STEP OUTSIDE - If you want to learn about the outdoors, you can find information here on getting started and where to learn archery, firearms shooting, fishing, hunting and much more! And you can invite others to STEP OUTSIDE with you.
Pennsylvania Youth Hunter Education Challenge - The "YHEC" Program is a chance for young hunters to participate in a simulated hunting competition amongst kids in their own age group in: 3-D Archery, Muzzleloader, Light Rifle, Sporting Clays, and a Hunter Responsibility Exam.
Suffolk Field Archers & Bow Hunters - a 28 Target Field course in Long Island, NY. Facilities for all archers: novice, target, tournament, bowhunter and family groups. Yearly, we schedule over 12 tournaments including: 3-D, Traditional, and several novelty shoots.
Bowhunting & Archery Clubs With Home Pages
Our online Directory of Clubs and Associations with home pages and web sites.
Free Web Sites For Clubs & Associations
Several clubs are putting their web site here, right now. You are welcome to join them and add your club's page or web site to the Club Web Site section.
AMO (Archery Manufacturer's Organization)
AMO holds it's annual trade show in January, bringing together the archery and bowhunting industry of manufacturers, retailers, sales reps, distributors, and advertising & marketing agencies.
National Bowhunter Education Foundation: one of the most vital and important objectives in any sport is to increase the knowledge of the sport by its participants. The NBEF is the driving force behind the education of bowhunters so we can all be more proficient at our sport.
OWAA or Outdoor Writers Association of America is home to the worlds best outdoor writers and photographers. If the written word covers the outdoor sports chances are the writer belongs to this prestigious organization.
The Pope & Young Club, named after two of bowhuntings most favored sons and pioneers Saxton Pope and Art Young the P&Y Club is the official measuring body for all game animals taken with bow and arrow.
NETAA (North East Tournament Archery Assn.) Now in's Club eCommunication Center. Their newsletter has info on the upcoming World Championships, the Bowhunter Profeciency Round, the 3D Team Events, and more.
Illinois Bowhunters is our Inaugural web site:
A grand opening of sorts, in the newest section of
Directory Listing of Clubs & Associations
Bowhunting & Archery Clubs / Associations list their Club, complete with information about their organization. Here is the list in Alphabetical Order, or by State, or by Country.
Club 3-D Shoots & Events
The Internet's interactive list of 3-D Shoots, Archery Tournaments & Club/Association Events. They are displayed Calendar style and the events and dates are links to full details on the shoot. Searchable by date, organization, type of event and more.
Other Events
Talk live to other bowhunters online in our bowhunting chat rooms: Bowhunting, Bear Hunting, Turkey Hunting, and Young Bowhunters Club. Our chat has visitors from all corners of the world. Many Friendships have been made here as bowhunters gather daily to keep in touch and share our sport.
Bowhunting.Net CLUBHOUSE
Meet other bowhunters in our Clubhouse. Create your own message or discussion topic. Respond to questions & comments. Read messages. This is an enormous Bulletin Board consisting of over 500 meg of ongoing daily communications dating back to August 1996. You'll find a wealth of bowhunting information in this fully Searchable data base.
Brian Pullam's interactive bowhunt. The choices you make determine your hunting success, just like in the real world. It's your bowhunting fix in the off-season. 
Young Bowhunters Club
Regular updates for young bowhunters and kids interested in learning about bowhunting, columns by and for youthful bowhunters, live chat events, a bulletin board, and more.
Entries stay in for 30 days so check back to see what's new. Lots of items for sale and swap.
Here's an online data base for Collectors of Broadheads, Ancient Archery Items, and other archery collectibles.
Play The Latest SWEEPSTAKES99
The biggest archery sweeps in the world. Hundreds of archery & bowhunting products from top manufacturers have been won in our bowhunting sweeps.
Got a good hunt to trade for a hunt you want to go on? This data base can help you do just that. Post your hunt. Tell what you want to hunt. Say what you want to say about it. And you will get your responses direct to you by email.
Hunting Partner Wanted
New to an area? This is a data base where you can ask for, or look for, a hunting partner -- or find a hunting partner that is looking for someone to hunt with.
Traditional Corner
Meet other traditional minded bowhunters in the Traditional Corner, an interactive bulletin board format where you will find novices and and seasoned veterans. These daily communications date back to August 1996. You can create your own message, respond to questions and comments, and browse the numerous messages and replies.
The Field Reporting Team logs the details of their hunts into this unique online data base. They report the weather, the deer they see by category (bucks, does & fawns), and answer a list of clickable questions aimed at gathering information about the rut -- in every place that Whitetail's are bowhunted. It's fully searchable by State, date and hunter.

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