AMERISTEP: The New Element Of Surprise


Step outside the box… and into the all-new Ameristep Distorter or Deadwood Stump, two new game-changing hub blind designs from Ameristep employing kick-out technology to literally transform the shape of effective concealment.

These new high-performance hub blinds offer next-level benefits both inside and out. On the outside, a unique silhouette conceals better than typical square blinds by blending into the environment more effectively. Inside, Distorter and Deadwood Stump open up a whole new world of useful space for up to three hunters and their gear.


A leading brand of ground blinds and accessories, Ameristep helps hunters find more success by equipping them with the element of surprise.  Our clever concealment products allow hunters to get closer to the action and enjoy more thrilling experiences. Ameristep’s innovative and highly mobile designs give hunters the flexibility to hunt from any location through simplified assemblies and other advanced features that capitalize on the moment. With dozens of patented features and exclusive relationships with leading industry supply partners, Ameristep extends confidence to hunters and helps make great hunts happen.  Learn more at

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