Opening weekend saw some action for Robbie and Richey. Here are the hunt re-cap and a few pictures.

Opening morning, at the stand Robbie and I call ‘Double Cross’ my buddy Robbie Cramer saw several does and in the afternoon the buck below walked out of the woods on a trail that led right to Robbie. He passed the buck. But the buck did do us right and strolled by Robbie’s game camera.

Meanwhile, Richey Hayes hunted a stand he calls ‘Barn’, which is 100 yards from that rickety, half falling down barn. He saw 10 does and a fork buck. 

The next day, Sunday, Richey had a few does come through and when one gave him a good broadside shooting opportunity he made the shot. 

Afterward, he took the doe to the deer processing plant we use, Whaley Deer Processing. The owner also owns a Taxidermy business in Hamilton, TX and B.J. Whaley told Richey that he had a mount for him. In the picture below you see Richey and his first ever buck taken with a bow.

Robbie Cramer gave me the picture below, it is the Double Finger buck and he finally lost his velvet.

Both Robbie and Richey saw bucks and does but none of the bucks were what they were looking for.