Solving My Food Plot Problem

Deer Pictures in August by Robert Hoague

My Plans To Get A Food Plot Going Hit A Snag. The Answer, Dwayne Glover To The Rescue!

Robert Hoague

Getting the seed planted in my already plowed area didn’t pan out. So I texted my friend Dwayne Glover to see if he could get this project going again. So last weekend Dwayne came over with his tractor to get it done.

putting in a deer food plot
Dwayne Glover unloads his tractor to begin plowing the food plots.

Dwayne backed his tractor and plow off his trailer and drove to the soon to be food plot area. Below, is Dwayne’s pickup, that is some big nice camo job on his truck. Very cool.

Dwayne Glover’s pickup has a very good looking camo finish.

Dwayne lowered the plow and started breaking up the soil.

plowing foor plot

I wanted the food plot to be 60 yards long but only 12 yards in width. In a few quick passes and Dwayne had the soil broken up just right.

I prefer this size food plot. This area is hidden from view and in past years lots of bucks find their way to it and it becomes a secluded meeting place for both bucks and does. Both sides of the plot are populated with hardwood trees and there are plenty of native vegetation growing here.

plowing food plot

Next Dwayne spread my super secret seed mix and skimmed the surface with the plow. It was now ready.

dwayne glover plowing food plot

Lastly, we drove to the Slew Hole area and Dwayne plowed and seeded a similar sized food plot there also. My first food plot is well hidden but this strip of deer goodies is twice as hidden. After that, Dwayne loaded up his tractor and plow and drove to his deer lease to do some more food plotting.

That afternoon I saw a doe and fawn in the freshly plowed food plot and got their picture with my iPhone.

350 yards down hill from my main food plot my neighbor is planting oats in a 300 acre field that is adjacent to a river. That large field always grows a good crop. It attracts plenty of deer, but mostly at night. The daytime deer traffic visits a more secluded area, the food plots we just plowed and planted.