Deer Took To The Protein Pellets Right Away, Only Mostly At Night. But Now Daytime Is OK With Them. And Daytime Equals Pictures.

Robert Hoague

Getting pictures of bucks and does at the protein station is easy enough with a game camera, however those pictures are a little to rubber stamp like for me. So I set up where I could work in pictures from the protein area too. 

Currently both bucks and does have begun cruising in for a protein snack. Here are a couple of bucks. 

The protein feeder unit is gravety feeding and it has 4 places for deer to get to the pellets. But these bucks are taking turns.

whitetail bucks eating protein at protein feeder

True to buck behavior, the bucks occasionally stop to look around the area. The one on the left is the Double Finger buck. The other one is Identifiable also, look at those curved and facing away brow tines. I might call him “Curve Away.” I’ll think about it.

whitetail bucks eating protein at protein feeder

Off to the front of me I see the 9-pointer that was one of the first two bucks to shed their velvet. The sunlight has him lit up pretty good and he looks lighter colored than usual when its earlier and less daylight is around. Anyway, he is a good looking buck. I think I’ll call him “Long Tine” because of the longer tine on his right main beam.  

whitetail bucks eating protein at protein feeder

Meanwhile, a doe meanders over close to the protein. I can see the back of another deer to her left.

The doe has a fawn with her and they protein up. Another buck approaches with two deer that have their heads down eating something in the weed.

whitetail bucks eating protein at protein feeder

Later two spike types bop on in for a short break.

whitetail bucks eating protein at protein feeder

Below is a buck we have seen a lot of. He is good sized and his velvet antlers are whitish looking. He always holds that rack up high as he goes around doing buck stuff.




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