Grim Reaper Intros the Ultimate High Speed Mechanical Broadhead

The NEW Pro Series “CARNI-FOUR” 4-Blade


The new Carni-Four, and All Pro Series Mechanicals are now crossbow approved for any set-up. They feature the New Pro Tip and “Snap Cup” design which holds all components in place for easy installation on your arrows or bolts, Super strong razor sharp .035 stainless blades, No O-rings or clips. Blades stay closed out of the fastest bows and Crossbows yet open smoothly on impact.

This new and innovated product will be available Exclusively to Pro shops and retailers, with Pro shop services. They come 4 in a pack , and sell for $44.95 per pack.

Leading this line-up will be the “Carni-Four”, a 4-blade, 1 ½ “ x 1 ¼ “ Mechanical with Staggered blade technology that will change the mechanical world forever. It gives a 2.75” linear cut and comes in 100 grain, and 125 grain wts. The instant the 2 longer blades make contact and compress the internal spring, the 2 shorter blades release and open with the touch of a hair! Giving you the largest 4-blade entrance hole on the market and an incredible “square” wound channel from start to finish. This new perfection of design will result in the most lethal head ever to leave a crossbow.

Want to ‘Watch Em Drop’? This is why you will.

Grim Reaper President and designer, Jay Liechty, says “Years of Innovation , testing and improvements have brought us to the new Carni-Four and the entire Pro Series line-up. This new power-packed line of Mechanical broadheads, will lift our proven broadhead designs to the next level. It starts with a greatly improved “Pro Tip“, the sharpest cut-on-contact, bone crushing tip we have ever designed. We hope you have the chance to experience the new level of performance engineered into the Pro Series. I personally feel it embodies the most significant advance in mechanical broadhead design in over a decade!“

To learn more about our new Pro Series, and where to buy them, visit us at : , or call us 801-377-6199