Deer 2017: Big Problems

The Morning Buck Scouting And Picture Taking Started Off Great … Until Some Unwanted Visitors Showed Up!

Robert Hoague

Daylight came in a little slow as a couple of deer shadows eased through the area. It was cloudy to begin with but as the sun moved higher up through the trees it shot bright rays of light through the surrounding woods. A doe with a fawn caught the sunlight and I took this cool picture.

Whitetail deer doe and fawn pictures in July by Robert Hoague

Twenty minutes later another doe and fawn came into the area. As I watched them two bucks walked out of the nearby woods and approached them. I was thinking I just might get some good buck pictures this morning.

whitetail buck pics in July by Robert Hoague

Movement by the nearby plowed strip where my food plot will be planted caught my attention and a wild boar came out of the brush. The boar stopped at the plowed strip and looked toward where the deer were.

wild hog pictures in July by Robert Hoague

But both the bucks and does were already leaving. I glassed everywhere to see if any more deer were around. I didn’t see anything, which fit into my plan for what to do if a wild hog showed up this morning.

Today I brought my wife’s .22 rifle with me. So I got in position and shifted the safety from off to on … and took aim at the boar. He was about 20 yards from me when I shot. The boar staggered and then quickly ran for the nearby woods.

Soooo my plan worked. Actually I would have preferred there to be a group of wild hogs because shooting one in a group spreads the word fast in the local wild hog community that they are not welcome.



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