Cindy Lavender: The ‘Toad Of A Bear’ Pictures

It’s A Good Thing When An Untested Plan Comes Together. And Boy Is It Coming Together!

I woke up at 3:00 to see if any pictures from Cindy Lavender had come in on my iPhone yet. They had so I got up and started looking at them.

Here is a picture taken from Cindy’s actual treestand in Alaska. A black bear is down below it.

Here is his paw. If you’re like me you’re thinking that is one heck of a big foot on that bear.

In case you aren’t familiar with the use of the word ‘toad’ to describe a bear, it means the bear is a real big one. And Cindy’s bear definitely is. In fact, the Outfitter told her it was the 2nd largest black bear ever taken in one of his camps.

Below is a more normal trophy picture view once again shows how big this bear is. Definitely no ground shrinkage here. Congratulations Cindy.

A third picture taken after Cindy got back to camp with the bear.

Yep, this satellite phone stuff is working out all right. And so is Cindy Lavender.

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