How To Skin Your Spring Bear


FIRST THINGS FIRST: How you want to mount your bear.

Larry Reese
By Larry Reese

Life size, standing or walking? Or do you want a rug? Or else a wall mount (like a shoulder mount deer). Visit two or three Taxidermist and talk to them about your bear mount. Let them know your are interested and want a a good mount. Have them show you their work. Never hesitate to ask questions.

If you don’t know what to ask, Email me and I will give you a few technical question and they will know you have done your home work.

There Are 3 Cuts To Use When You Skin Your Bear… 

Grizzley Bear Photo1. Life Size, Standing 

The first cut is termed a Dorsal cut. Mostly it’s for a standing bear looking at you (cause the seam will be on the back)

Insert your knife blade in  the neck/shoulder area, under the skin. Using an upward motion cut down the Spine toward the tail. Cut through the tail bone — leave the tail with the hide.

Now start pulling up on the hide and carefully cut between the meat and the hide on each side. Cut off the bear’s neck bone at the shoulder area and continue down each leg. Go all the way to the paw paw and cut it off. At this point remove as much fat and meat as you can. Now, wrap the hide up and freeze it or keep it cold until you get it to your taxidermist. 

2. Bear Rugs & Walking Bears 

Cut number two is a Ventral incision, used mostly for rugs or walking bears. Lay the bear on his back. Begin an incision between it’s front legs and the center of his chest and cut toward the tail area, be sure to keep your knife under the skin and pull upwards so you won’t cut any hair.

Cut to the right or left of the penis and then down to the tail. Now from where you first started, go up the inside of each leg, be careful to stay in the center of the leg. Continue your cut to the paw. Do the same on the rear legs.

Next, start pulling up on the hide while cutting between the meat and hide. Cut off the neck and wrists leaving the head and paws with the hide. You will need to work one side at a time. Lastly, wrap up the hide and freeze it or keep it cold until you can get it to your Taxidermist. 

3 Wall Mounts 

For a wall mount start about 6-8″ behind the front legs and go all the way around. Next, in a “V” cut the bottom of the “V” being the center of the chest where you just made your circle cut around the bear and the top of the “V” being the arm pit area. make this cut and, remember, stay under the skin and do not cut the hair. Go up the outside of the leg where the hair is longer, up to the paw and cut it off at the wrist area,

Skin up to the neck/shoulder area and cut it off leaving the head in the skin. 

Good Luck. I am also going bear hunting with Safari Nordik 1-800-361-3748 in northern Quebec. Have any questions please Email me.

If you want more information or have a Question, please Email me. Good Hunting 

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