P&Y Club Convention: Roy Keefer


By: Roy Keefer

The Pope & Young Club held its biennial convention in St. Louis, MO April 6-8, 2017.  The convention is a time for old friends to reunite, become informed of new developments in the bowhunting world and learn hunting techniques from experienced hunters.

This year’s convention included vendors of archery equipment and hunting outfitters, so it was a good chance to see the latest developments in products and book a hunt.  Several of the big name manufacturers were in attendance.

Friday night was highlighted by a talk on the history of the Pope & Young Club by Chuck Adams.  Also, individuals who made significant monetary donations to the Club were recognized.  The Fred Bear Society was established to recognize people who have specified donations to be made from their estates upon their passing or have made cash donations currently. 

Two significant donations were highlighted that evening.  One person made a cash donation of $100,000 to support the Club.  A couple from Alaska matched the donation with another $100,000 to show their love for bowhunting and to assist the Club in its efforts to support the sport.

Saturday night’s dinner was principally for recognizing the three largest animals recorded in the last two years’ recording period in each of the 29 North American species. It was noteworthy that four new world record animals were recognized.  They included Coues deer (non-typical), American (Rocky Mountain) elk, Desert bighorn sheep and Shiras moose. 

The elk scored an unbelievable 430” and was honored with the Ishi award.  The Ishi award recognizes outstanding trophies and is not given at every convention.  That gives you an idea of the impressiveness of this animal. 

New record breaking whitetails and elk.

The Pope & Young Club announced the next convention will be held in Omaha, Nebraska in 2019. 

The Club’s headquarters is in Chatfield, MN where an impressive bowhunting museum is housed.  I encourage bowhunters to join and support the country’s leading bowhunting organization.  For more information on the Club, go to http://pope-young.org/.

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