New Adult Spirits from Droptine


The Droptine Deer is one of the rarest and most amazing spirits in the woods of America in fact less than one in every million deer have a droptine. We believe our Vodka is just as special. First we take our corn mash which was sourced from delicious American corn and distill it no less than 6 times until we are left with a concentrated pure neutral spirit so completely free of impurities it’s between 95% and 100% alcohol. But, since we want better than perfect, we use a patented system to filter this pure alcohol through specially designed carbon filters three more times until there’s literally nothing left but pure alcohol and essence of sweetness. When we’re certain that our alcohol is perfect, we take water from the purest sources in America and cut it to a perfect drinking level of 80 proof or 40% alcohol content. Our bottles are a balance between the sensuality of a curved silhouette and a sharp, strong shoulder. Like the Droptine deer and our vodka; our bottles features fluid, slender lines that are soothing and refined. Try our Sweet American Corn vodka and you’ll never settle for a typical vodka again!


“The smoothest vodka available!”

Droptine Vodka has no harshness or bite on the swallow. Distilled six times  from pure, sweet, Amercan corn, and filtered through special carbon activated filters, Droptine’s Premium Vodka offers a sweet taste with hint of vanilla. It’s smooth – almost velvety finish is better than perfect. 

“I enjoy a good Vodka Gibson/Martini, Vodka on the rocks and with tonic and lime and I place Droptine’s Premium Vodka right there with the most expensive Vodkas made today, anywhere. It’s got a nice clean taste, is smooth and it’s made in America. I like that.” Rich Walton