Archery Mourns Loss: Freddie Troncoso

Freddie Troncoso July 19,1933 – April 12, 2017

One of the very first people I met in the archery industry after taking over as Director Marketing/Advertising for PSE in 1977 was Freddie Troncoso and his beautiful wife, Eva. Part of my job entailed handling the pro-staffs, hunting and competition of which Eva was one. She was a part of our team but there was only one Eva, the star in the lady’s division in so many ways. Not only was she an unbeatable force on the range, she was one of the most warm, friendly, helpful and gracious people ever to pick up a bow. 

It all happened because her husband, Freddie taught her how to shoot and probably how to manage herself during competition. He didn’t have to teach her how to be gracious and warm, that was all Eva. 

Together, the Troncoso’s created and built Golden Key-Futura. Freddie’s incredible mind for detail and engineering revolutionized the way archery was done. Thanks to his ingenuity and dedication to detail he invented incredibly innovative and creative arrow rests and release aids the likes of which are still the base for all that has followed. Freddie made a difference in our sport and the equipment we now take for granted. 

The Troncoso’s: (r-l) Robert, Vince, Eva, Freddie, Dan with some of Eva’s Awards

I called Freddie and Eva my friends. I was enchanted with Eva’s charm and competitive spirit and with Freddie’s straightforward, no nonsense approach to archer and to life. They raise three boys who, for the most part, were reflections of their father. They idolize their mother and respected and followed their father. They stepped into both their shoes when working for and eventually taking over the company their parents had worked so hard to build. 

Sadly, Freddie died quietly  in his sleep as he lay down in his living room the morning of April 12,2017 . Freddie lived life on his terms, controlled what he could, accepted what he could not and tried to make everything he did have control over, better. On this morning he left life peacefully, still absolutely dedicated to and in love with his lovely wife Eva after 61 wonderful years of marriage. Freddie was truly an icon in the archery industry and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for his brilliant mind and dedication to innovation and detail.

Freddie was born on Los Angeles July 19,1933, he grew to be a talented musician, a dedicated, loving husband, a trusted friend and caring father.  I will miss him as I know his family and so many others in our sport and his community will. God Bless you Freddie and Eva, you made our sport better and us all better people.

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