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By: Wade Nolan
bowhunting biologist

We spend five-bucks pretty easily. There is no pain involved. Try to get out of McDonalds for less than that, or Wal-Mart. Can’t do it but sometimes that five-bucks will buy you something that will have far reaching effect. I’m talking about something I use to take care of my stuff. I’m outdoors every chance I get and often in rain and snow and mud. I need protection from moisture.

My adventures used to be minimized by a rainy day but no more. I know the secret of staying dry. The answer is a can of science called Silicone Water-Guard. For about a five-spot, you can have a tall can of this science. It will waterproof just about anything but let’s stick with my favorite target; hunting stuff.

I used this pack last weekend when putting in food plots. It’s my favorite pack with more engineering in it than that new Dodge Ram truck. Now it’s totally waterproof.

Today I took advantage of a nice day and waterproofed my backpacking tent. Then I got ambitious and shot down my favorite new back pack. Next I sprayed my quad tires. It makes them slippery and mud sheds off them. Then I got out all my walking and hiking shoes, some leather and some a mix of leather and nylon. I couldn’t get my finger off the button. I was losing control.

Quick, easy and effective, Silicone Water-Guard is available in camping at Wal-Mart.

Most of the water proofing’s out there go cheap on the silicone but not this stuff. It has more than any of them. Then I asked Wikipedia…what is silicone anyhow?  Silicones are polymers that include any inert, synthetic compound made up of repeating units of siloxane, which is a chain of alternating silicon atoms and oxygen atoms, frequently combined with carbon and/or hydrogen.  

Hmmmm. Here’s more.

The How of waterproofing

The silicones in Silicone Water-Guard have low surface tension, which enables them to spread and soak easily into leathers natural pores or into the tiny spaces between a fabrics weave. Spray it onto your leather boots or gloves and watch it disappear. Silicone’s highly flexible and mobile siloxane backbone enables the water-repelling methyl groups to orient themselves toward the surface during crosslinking, creating a waterproof “umbrella.”

What makes this “umbrella” unique is its ability to breathe. Because silicones have a very open molecular structure, water vapor trapped in the boot or under the clothing can easily slip through. Water molecules, however, are too large to enter.

What does all that science talk mean to you? It means that Silicone Water-Guard easily soaks into leather or a textile, establishes itself there by anchoring with cross-linking bonds and creates a breathable waterproof coating. Kinda like a dream come true for my stuff.

Sponsored by: Whitetail University, Atsko Products 

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