GT-100 Bio-Synthetic Lubricant – A Must Have From Goat Tuff Products

 Goat Tuff Products, known for its glues, vanes and other innovative products for the archer/bowhunter proudly announces its newest product, GT 100™ Ionic Bond Lubricant.

This amazing liquid does it all. GT 100™ not only penetrates the material but provides a protective ionic bond that overcomes surface friction to reduce wear and increase performance on all moving parts. It also quiets and protects the parts while penetrating, removing and preventing rust.

Goat Tuff Owner Jerry Smith noted: “GT 100 Ionic Bond Lubricant is truly a revolutionary product. The specially formulated synthetic components provide extreme protection and lubrication while the bio-components actually form an ionic bond that attracts the lubricant to the surfaces it is applied to. The low viscosity coupled with the bonding nature penetrates to overcome surface friction.  GT 100™ won’t attract dust or dirt, is non-toxic and has no odor. It is the kind of equipment saving, performance enhancing lubricant we’ve all been looking for.”

GT 100™ is perfect for all uses in sporting equipment, hunting, firearms, archery and fishing tackle, automotive, ATVs, home and shop and is Made in the USA.

 Lubricate, Protect and Increase Performance with GT 100™ IONIC BOND LUBRICANT

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One Response to "GT-100 Bio-Synthetic Lubricant – A Must Have From Goat Tuff Products"

  1. Rich Walton   2017/03/27 at 11:29 am

    I can tell you without a doubt, this is the best lubricant I’ve ever used. I, one example, applied to a full length metal hinge in a bathroom cabinet that was squeaking 4 years ago and it is still smooth and quiet.