Solar-charged camping lantern

What is a Solar-Charged Camping Lantern? An off-the-gird lighting source that gives great light without batteries.

Sears offers a wholesale solar lantern ($35) that collects energy during daylight hours so it can light your way at night—no batteries required. And if the lantern runs out of stored solar energy, you can use the included hand crank to produce light.

It could help keep you alive! If you get lost for an extended period, you’ll spend considerable time sitting in the dark. This inexpensive solar lantern will illuminate your nearby area long after your expensive, short lived flashlight batteries have worn out.

Solar Powered Camping Lantern comes with a backup Hand Crank to use when needed.

The lantern has 12 LEDs Lights,8.5″ tall.This is one of the best solar lanterns available and is perfect for family outings, camping, fishing, and all other outdoor activities requiring efficient and dependable lighting.

This solar garden outdoor camping lantern led light requires no heavy batteries or dangerous liquid/propane fuels. Attractively designed, this water proof solar lantern provides 5-15 hours of lighting per charge. Twelve brilliant LED lights never burn out or need replacement.

One press of the button adjusts the brightness in turn between 4, 8, or 12 LED lights. By using fewer LEDs, the battery life can be maximized for extended lighting time. Never be without a dependable lighting source again with this solar outdoor lantern!

The sun provides free energy to charge the lantern during the day, or use the hand crank built into the bottom of lantern for a constant reliable light source regardless of sunlight & under all weather conditions.

Keep an extra lantern in your car and at home for all your emergency lighting needs.Make a difference today using a solar lantern instead of propane, or dry cells. Features 12 LED lights. No bulbs to burn out or replace. No maintenance needed.Eco-friendly product using free solar energy. Adjustable brightness switches easily among settings with a push of your thumb. Built-in hand crank to charge batteries regardless of weather conditions or time of day. Less brightness for longer lighting time. Use 4 LEDs for illumination up to 15 hours; 8 LEDs for 10 hours, and 12 LEDs for 5 hours. Product size: 8.5 inches tall * 6.5 inch