King George Gets a New Hoyt. Something to Really Sing About



By: Frank Addington, Jr

It isn’t every day you get to give a bow to a legend.  Saturday March 11, 2017 my family and I attended the annual George Strait Team Roping near our home in San Antonio, Texas.  This event draws the top ropers in the world.

At a private meet and greet after the roping my family and I were able to have photos made with Mr. Strait and I presented him with a new Hoyt Carbon Defiant complete with a carbon quiver, bow sight and stabilizer and some cool Hoyt logo wear.   It was the finest bowhunting gear available.

This was actually the second bow I have given him.  In 1999 Hoyt sent a bow to my father and he set it up and I delivered the bow to him.  Mr. Strait told me that he had taken a lot of game with that Hoyt when I spoke with him in 2015 and I told him I’d make sure he got a new one.   Judging by his grin I think he liked it. 

Looks like a country song in the making.

We had some family photos made with him and he was so genuinely nice to my wife and sons.  It’s great to see him remain so humble and kind considering what he’s done with his career.   I told him that if he needed help getting the bow setup and tuned to let me know because I’m sure my father would be happy to set it up. 

Fred Bear inspired me to give celebrities bows.   Fred’s idea was that if high profile people participated in archery then the sport would grow.  I do promote the sport with my archery exhibitions, writing and media appearances but when I see an opportunity to give a good person like George Strait a bow I’m always happy to do so. 

George Strait has had more number one singles than any artist in any genre of music.   He’s set records for attendance and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Growing up I always thought he set the bar for how to dress and act and to this day when I walk out on stage to do a show my jeans are starched, boots shined and shirt starched crisp with my hat shaped just right.  I thanked George for being a great role model for so many men and our sons Gus and Luke.

George Strait is the real deal.  He does the word ‘hero’ justice. 

I’d also like to thank Mike Luper, Jeremy and Meaghan at Hoyt for their support and for always providing great products and services to help me promote archery and the Hoyt brand.   They are the best.

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2 Responses to "King George Gets a New Hoyt. Something to Really Sing About"

  1. john E Giles   2017/03/29 at 9:46 pm

    HOYT is a a 1500 dollar bow to a god damn millionaire…Hoyt what a joke this company is…absolute joke..people buy a obsession bow if you wanna support a good company with a good bow

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