Gear Review: SHADOW HUNTER Blind

Shadow Hunter Blinds Are Professional Grade

By: Rick Philippi
By: Rick Philippi

When I cross paths with a product that I feel would benefit the readers, I like to share it. Today I want to talk about the Shadow Hunter Professional Grade deer blind. Their two decades of relentless dedication and commitment has made the Shadow Hunter the brand in hunting blinds preferred by industry leading pros and sportsmen.

I was introduced to this fantastic and top quality blind this past October as I went on a hunt with Keith Warren on his ranch in South Texas Keith has Shadow Hunter Blinds scattered all over his ranch. Being an archery hunter for the past 47 years I have hunted out of many different blinds, some good and some bad.

The first thing that impressed me with this blind is the quality. Shadow Hunter blinds are meticulously engineered for superior functionality and are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations to ensure you the perfect blind for your hunting experience.

Shadow Hunter Blind.
Shadow Hunter Blind.

All of the blinds have very durable rust proof commercial grade aluminum exteriors ensuring long lasting durability. The walls are fully insulated which minimizes the need for excess cold weather gear making their blinds comfortable and easy to hunt in. Some of the customizable options are the silent window shield system, rotational windows and peaked roof starting at 6.5 feet.

What impressed me was that these blinds feature extra large doors for getting in and out, which I feel is very crucial. Some hunters are thin and some are big! Gaining access, in and out of a blind can be the single most important feature that a blind has to offer. Shadow Hunter Blinds fit the bill on accessibility.

Another feature and benefit is the innovative silent window shield. This system allows the hunter the advantage by ensuring sight, sound, and scent containment. This is the most efficient system I personally have ever used and believe me when I say it is SILENT. While my Boone and Crockett monster buck was coming in, I was slowly opening and closing windows to prepare for the shot, all this in total silence!! You can’t do that with other blinds. WOW!

Shadow Hunter is not only about professional grade, but it is also about a total comfort hunting experience. There are many different styles of The Shadow Hunter Blinds that are offered to fit the hunters need. There are versatile configurations with spacious interiors allowing you the room to share the hunt and memories with a hunting partner. The functional window sizes designed for optimal sight and shooting range make Shadow Hunter blinds ideal for all types of elevated or ground level hunting. The one that I hunted out of had an abundance of room. We had three grown men in the structure.

Two guys were in control of the cameras and I was the hunter. So many blinds are so self-contained that there is not any room and all it takes is a bump or a noise to ruin your hunt. On this particular hunt the spaciousness of the blind allowed me to go to full draw while 6 deer were within 15 yards of the blind, draw and harvest a very nice buck. All this going on while a camera man was doing his thing. Incredible!!!! Shadow Hunter has a very informative web-site. Jump out to

Here is a picture of the monster buck I arrowed from a Shadow Hunter blind on my bowhunt with Keith Warren.


Safe Hunting, Rick

One Response to "Gear Review: SHADOW HUNTER Blind"

  1. Estakin   2017/01/11 at 2:16 pm

    We have had 3 of these on our property for a few years now. Pros: great build quality, durrable. Cons: The all aluminum shell interfears with radio and cell communication with your fellow hunters and also with a sunny day the blind turnes into a human oven. I feel the windows are hard to shoot and see out of also. And always opt to hunt out of our 20 year plywood tower with shoebox size windows rather than the SH’s there not bad but after being able to use them for last few seasons and ooting for older blinds instead I had to post the downsides we have discovered over the years.

    Hope this helps!