Do You Stink?

By: Brian Kightlinger
By: Brian Kightlinger

    The hunting industry has grown tremendously over the past 25 years. Aluminum arrows have mostly been replaced by carbon arrows. Trail cameras have been introduced. Treestands have become lighter and more versatile. Camo companies have introduced scent prevention clothing and there are a ton of scent prevention products. Take a few moments and look at all the items you use on a daily basis, when out in the field. How many of you use a product that has been around for over 25 years? Chances are you may have a bow that is a few years old, some binoculars that are ready to be replaced, or even a few trail cameras that are on their last leg. But do you really have anything that has stood the test of time and has helped you take your hunting to the next level?

    Nature’s Essence INC. has been in business for over 25 years and is located in Allegany, New York. The company is currently owned by Rick Giles Sr. and Ricky Giles Jr.. Nature’s Essence INC. has an amazing line of products, that are all natural, and has been helping hunters kill many species of game for the past 25 years. They produce Scent Eliminators, Body and Clothes Wash, Cover Scent, Whitetail Deer Lures, and Blood Trailing products. Needless to say, Nature’s Essence, was in use before scent eliminating clothing was being used by most hunter. The company has a system in which you can follow to get the most out of the products.


    Every hunter, sometime in their career, has heard the devastating sound of a whitetail blowing. You know at that point in time, they know something is not right in their environment! This is where Nature’s Essence products can help. I can honestly say, I have taken my hunting to the next level with all of the Nature’s Essence Products. So let me introduce you to the products and outline how I use them to become, “ Naturally Camouflaged!”

All Natural Washes

    There are two all natural washes that the company makes: 12 oz. All Purpose Wash and the 32 oz. Clothes wash.

The All Purpose Wash is used as a complete body wash but can also be used as a clothes wash. It comes in a 12 oz. bottle and will last quite a long time. I use the All Purpose Wash and scrub from head to toe and use it in my hair as well.

The Clothes Wash comes in a 32 oz. bottle and will wash a ton of hunting clothes. I also wash all of my towels I will use in the wash as well. I do this so I know when I get out of the shower, I am drying off with a towel that doesn’t smell like detergent.

Both of the All Natural Washes are made from all natural products exclusive to Nature’s Essence. There are no UV Brighteners and both also remove UV Brighteners from other detergents. I use these religiously as my first level of protection and I have seen great results.


Scent Eliminators

    Nature’s Essence produces two All Natural Scent Eliminators:

4 oz. Ground Zero Body Deodorant and 8 oz. Ground Zero Scent Destroyer.

The Ground Zero Body Deodorant is the first thing I put on once I get out of the shower. It is a great spray that comes out in a fine mist. It is hypoallergenic and can be applied directly to your skin. I spray down head to toe with this product and it lasts up to 24 hours. I often carry a bottle of this in my pack and will spray down in the field on warm days.

The Ground Zero Scent Destroyer works on the molecular level at eliminating odors. It has 2 active scent blockers and works up to 12 hours. I use this to spray my boots, treestands, backpacks, decoys, gloves, hats, and anything that I feel will carry odors. I love this product for cutting down on the odors that are not natural.

Cover Spray

    Essence of Fall is the Cover Spray created by Nature’s Essence. This is by far my favorite product in the entire line! This cover spray comes in 3 different sizes: 4, 12, and 32 oz.

There are over 62 items in this All Natural cover scent. The items are gathers from fields and woods and used with a small amount of alcohol. The alcohol preserves the items used in the spray and also prevents it from freezing. Essence of Fall has an indefinite shelf life and will never break down. The spray is made up of all natural odors to animal scents. I spray this all over everything I have! I use it on trail cameras, my bow, all my clothes, packs and stands. This is the perfect spray to use on any hunt for any animal. I carry a 4 oz. bottle in my pack to use while on stand. I also keep a 12 oz. bottle in my vehicle to spray on my seats and all over my body as I am getting dressed. I purchase the 32 oz. bottle so I can refill my other two bottles throughout the season. The spray is a very fine mist and is safe to spray on your skin.

Whitetail Deer Lures

    Nature’s Essence has a great line of Whitetail Deer Lures as well. It has 4 different products available for your hunt: Pure Doe, Peak Estrus, Dominant Buck, and Triple Threat. I like to use dominant buck in my scent drippers over mock scrapes that I have made. Triple Threat is my favorite as it is made from two different does and a dominant buck. As the rut nears, I use this in my mock scrapes, as a drag and on scent sticks. All of the lures have worked flawlessly for me.


Blood Trailer

I am pretty sure that most hunters have had the unfortunate situation in which tracking an animal can get tough. Maybe it was a bad shot or just poor penetration but blood can sometimes be hard to find. Nature’s Essence has a product, Blood Trailer, that allows you to spray the leaves and plants. If there is blood on them, the blood trailer will create a white foam. This spray could be the difference in finding that trophy buck! It never hurts to carry this 4 oz. bottle in your fanny pack or backpack.


I first started using Nature’s Essence, Essence of Fall, back in the late 1990’s. Since then, I have started using all of their products and I have seen an increase in my success. I have killed some awesome mature bucks and have remained invisible in the woods. Two years ago, my son arrowed his first archery buck, downwind, at 12 yards. The amazing thing about that hunt was there were 3 people in the buddy stand that night. My son, my daughter, and me. We all had used the Nature’s Essence Products and that buck never knew we were there. I gave the products to my buddy for his spring bear hunt in Canada. It worked so well for him a bear tried to climb in his stand. The bear never spooked and he shot it at 20 yards. If you would like to see and hear about more success stories feel free to look them up on Facebook at Nature’s Essence INC or at Here is a link to a video as well: Nature’s Essence