Search For The 10-Point

Sometimes A Good Plan Doesn’t Come Together, Sometimes It Does!

Robert Hoague
Robert Hoague

The 10-Point was out of sight, but possibly still close, or maybe not. I texted my bowhunting buddies Don Beckwith and Robbie Cramer and let them know I had shot a buck. Don was through hunting for the morning and was already on his way back to the house. Robbie texted back that he would be here soon. The Keurig coffee maker was still on and I got the first cup going. Soon all 3 of us were at my kitchen table discussing the details around my morning’s hunt.

Because of the unknowns about my shot and where the buck had gone, we made a plan. Robbie would go wide on the left side of the tall grass that the doe had gone into. That way if the buck was in there and still alive and ran Robbie would see him and get a direction. I was to go to where the doe had waited and then went into the tall grass.

But first we would look for my arrow and see what kind of sign we had. In case you’re wondering why I had not already checked for my arrow, I did not want to walk out in front of the blind; because in spite of my caution in this case I felt the buck might be close and I didn’t want him to see me and run.

My arrow lay on the ground 15 yards from the blind’s shooting window. Nock to point it was covered with blood. And an extreme blood trail headed toward the long grass area. I still went to where the doe had been and started into the tall grass. The Duck (Don Beckwith) and Robbie took up the trail and were already close to the grass.

Robbie Cramer called out, “Here is a sapling tree on the ground, it has blood on it. The buck ran into it and knocked it completely out of the ground, roots and all!” The tree is actually 2-inches thick.


A few more steps by all of us and Robbie spoke to me, “There he is. You’re standing right next to him.” I looked down and sorted through the thick grass and saw some of the hair on his body. In the picture below you can actually see the buck laying in the grass, but he is difficult to see, I was almost stepping on him and had overlooked him.

Robbie went back to where I’d shot the buck and paced it off, exactly 40 yards. Don and Robbie drug the buck out of the thick grass and we set up for a picture taking session. (I am still in physical therapy for my recent Rotator Cuff injuries in both shoulders and moving heavy things is something I’m told I can’t do yet.)

robert hoague and 10 point whitetail buck

My hit was right where I had aimed and the crossbow bolt went through the jugular vein and chest cavity and exited out the bottom of the rib cage near the last rib, making a long cut through the sternum, and then went through the right hind leg. The entrance and exit wounds were extremely large and the blood trail was profuse. Frankly, if you take the great blood trail out of the mix it would have taken longer to find the buck wedged under the thick, tall grass the way he was. So it’s more proof of how tough, sharp and accurate the Grim Reaper broadheads are. It puts them down quickly and makes a good blood trail. I used the Whitetail Special 100 grain with the 2-inch cut. This buck was down and done in 4 or 5 seconds.

robert hoague with whitetail 10 point buck

Due to my rotator cuff injury I can not pull my bow yet. But I don’t want to miss out on bowhunting this deer season so I was very pleased to receive a Scorpion Crossbow from Darton Archery. It is 175 pounds and when I was unable to cock it Darton sent me a mechanical Crossbow Cocker and that worked for me and I could get back in the woods for real. The power and accuracy of this top of the line crossbow is impressive in every way. The crossbow bolt went through half the length of this buck and then through the back leg. We’re talking big-time power here. Nikon sent a scope sight for the Scorpion. It is a deadly combination.

Robert Hoague with 10 point buck

My arrow was a 22-inch crossbow bolt made by Black Eagle Arrows called the Executioner. The shaft is carbon and it has 2 inch vanes. This arrow shoots well and is specially balanced by Black Eagle Arrows for optimal F.O.C. The bolt has bright red and white cresting and looks super good.


And now it is time to get back in the woods.

This deerhunt is divided into 3 parts. TO: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.