Anticipation for 2016

By: Rick Philippi
By: Rick Philippi

This will be my 47th archery season! Wow, archery and bowhunting have come a long way since the 1960’s but that is a story in itself. Every year that ticks by I am so appreciative that I am still around and can enjoy the great outdoors and the sport of archery which we all love.

I have some pretty cool things in store for this year. The first being, I will hunt with Keith Warren on a trophy buck hunt on his Hidden Springs Ranch in south Texas. Keith has his ranch under strict deer management and there are some monsters walking around. I will keep all of you updated on how that hunt goes.

My ranch down here in Texas is holding some bombers this year! We have had an abundance of rain which equals plenty to eat for our deer herd. All summer I have been monitoring 20 game cameras and there has been lots of buck activity.  It is a lot of work checking all the cameras but I can’t put into words the fun it has been and more importantly how much I have learned about the deer movement on my ranch.

And he is putting those Zombie Slayers in tight groups on his practice target.
Rick Philippi is putting his Black Eagle Arrows “Zombie Slayers” arrows in tight groups on his practice target.

This year I have also planted some persimmon and some chestnut trees to see if I can enhance the land and give a little back to my deer herd.  The chestnut trees are not doing so well but the persimmon are doing great!

I will be hunting with the BTX 31” BOWTECH.  I have shot some wild turkeys and hogs so far with it and I can’t wait to try it out during whitetail deer season.  This bow is so smooth and shoots like a scud missile launcher!  It is also easy to tune, even for the most novice of hunters.

rick philippi
Rick Philippi believes in pre-season practice and shoots his bow regularly before deer season.

My broadheads will be the GrimReaper 100 grain expandables.  I have taken many big game animals with the GRIM REAPERS and not once have they failed me.  The cut and the penetration as well as the accuracy are second to none, PERIOD!

Grim Reaper Broadheads are the choice of veteran bowhunter Rick Philippi
Grim Reaper Broadheads are the choice of veteran bowhunter Rick Philippi

My arrow of choice this year will be the ZOMBIE SLAYER, by BLACK EAGLE ARROWS.  I’ve shot these carbon  arrows all summer and their performance is superior and up to my standards.  They fly straight and have great penetration and I love the way that they look with their unique Zombie Slayer Design. Go to

Rick Philippi shows us his 2016 bowhunting equipment.

I would like to wish all of you an exciting hunting season.  Be safe and always abide by the game laws.  All of you who hunt out of trees—PLEASE WEAR YOUR SAFETY HARNESS, NO EXCUSE!

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