Fourth Arrow Revolutionizes Deer Scent with Wyndscent

By: Tracy Breen
By: Tracy Breen

Fourth Arrow Brand is proud to introduce the WYNDSCENT vapor hunting scent applicator. This revolutionary product is unlike any other hunting scent product on the market. The WYNDSCENT unit utilizes proprietary scents and the power of vapor to attract whitetails and other big game animals.

An applicator houses the vapor scent and the applicator disperses the vapor and works like an e-cigarette. The Applicator runs off a rechargeable battery and is set on a timer to disperse the vapor scent at timed intervals of 1, 3 or 5 minutes. Research shows that the vapor bonds to air molecules stronger than sprays, aerosol fog or liquid concentrate, thus allowing it to drift further in the wind. When vapor eventually settles to the ground, it clings to trees, leaves and soil, leaving a powerful ground scent trail. Because vapor travels thermal patterns and natural air currents, it masks human odor and creates a phenomenal cover scent. The rechargeable Wyndscent applicator can last up to 40 hours on a single charge. One canister of scent can last over 100 hours before a refill is needed, making the WYNDSCENT economical.


“Vapor scents can attract deer from a longer distance than other scents because of the way the air currents carry the vapor scents,” said Calvin Beeke of Fourth Arrow Products. “We have also discovered that vapor scents last longer than conventional scents and really peaks the curiosity of big game including deer, bear and elk.”

Currently doe urine, doe in estrus, buck urine and a synthetic doe urine are available for whitetail hunters. An elk estrus scent is available for elk hunters and a donut shop scent for bear hunters. Only WYNDSCENT scent cartridges can be used in a WYNDSCENT Applicator.

The durable applicator is water resistant and can be used in extreme weather. Learn more at



  • Utilizes vapor technology
  • Reusable applicator
  • Rechargeable battery: lasts up to 40 hours
  • Whitetail, elk, bear and cover scents available.