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I arrived at the Monarch Hunting Products store. Walking in the front door I was met by the owner, Chuck Cole. After the introductions we walked into his office. I saw some fantastic big racked bucks hanging from the wall. Chuck has been an avid outdoorsman his whole life. He and his staff field test all of the products they sell to the consumer. Chuck said, lets walk out into the store/plant and I’ll show you what we do.

Monarch Hunting Products in Arlington, Texas
Monarch Hunting Products in Arlington, Texas

The Monarch Hunting Products store is a 6,600 square foot area that manufactures hunting blinds, as well deer and protein feeders, deer blind accessories, duck blinds,  hog traps , and tree stands. There was a lot of action in terms of work being done. There were employee’s welding and building product like there was no tomorrow. Chuck said they are starting to get pretty busy because hunting season is right around the corner.

A Monarch employee putting the finishing touch on a deer feeder
A Monarch employee putting the finishing touch on a deer feeder

Being a diehard archery hunter, wouldn’t you know the first thing I walked up to was Monarch’s brand new, debuting 6×6 bow stand! You can use it as a ground blind or it can be elevated to 10.5 or 12.5 view. Upon entering the blind the first thing that impressed me was the abundance of space, it would easily accommodate two large hunters. There was plenty of room to draw your bow without any concerns of bumping the walls. So many archery blinds are too small and when you get that shot of the life time, the last thing you want to hear is that noisy thud sound as you get to full draw and your elbow bangs the wall. The windows are vertical and very easy to shoot through. Another key element that impressed me was the darkness within the confines of the blind. It is imperative the blind be dark inside to hide any movements that the hunter makes. I give this bow blind a big kudos for the design and quality. It has a steel exterior, wood interior, fully insulated, Epoxy floor, all welded construction, reinforced bracing, shelves and rails, Guide series windows and a key lock for the door.

The brand new 2016 Guide Series 6x6 bow blind
The brand new 2016 Guide Series 6×6 bow blind

Another stand debuting this year is the two man tree stand. It can be elevated to 12 or 16 feet. It is built with all metal construction and metal teeth that grips into the tree for added stability. This ladder stand is constructed for simple assembly in the field. There are 3 to 4 sections that slide together easily, that all it takes! Perched on top are two seats in close proximity. I told Chuck that it would be awesome to have a stand like this when hunting with a small child or a husband/wife team, or video team.

The "NEW" Two Man Tree Stand
The “NEW” Two Man Tree Stand and the Quantum Digital Deer Feeder

For gun hunting Chuck makes two series of Blinds, the Guide Series and the Sportsman’s series. Both products have steel exteriors and feature all welded construction. The primary differences between these products are the amenities. Series feature 4×4 oneman, 4×6 two man, 6×6 Giant, and 6×6 Bow blind.

A hunter who wants maintenance free and user friendly feeder, Monarch makes them! They carry Quantum and Crown feeders.

The Quantum feeder features a 7 day programmable timer, feeds 16 times a day, up to 15 second throw adjustment. It also features very easy mounting installation with easy slide adjustable brackets. There is also a large door and rechargeable battery compartment with and octagonal, galvanized spinner plate with two throw paddles. All Quantum feeders come in either 6 or 12 volt capacity. Erecting this

feeder is easy, you can either use the extension legs or the tripod crank system to get it to the desired height.

The other groups of feeders that Monarch Hunting Products offers are the Crown feeders. This quality product has a 7 day programmable timer and also feeds 16 a day. It features a 99 second throw adjustment. Just like the Quantum it has an octagonal, galvanized spinner plate with two throw paddles. It also features a solar panel as a standard feature.

I asked Chuck, what was the Monarch warranty? Chuck looked at me with the most sincere expression and said “as long as the customer did not purposely destroy the product, all they would have to do is get it back to the shop and we will repair it at no charge. Now that is a warranty you can’t beat!

Chuck in the owner of Monarch Hunting Products(in the Red Hat) and standing next to him associate Bryan Culp
Chuck in the owner of Monarch Hunting Products(in the Red Hat)
and standing next to him associate Bryan Culp

I sincerely enjoyed my tour of the Monarch Hunting Product show room. It is just amazing the multitude of stands, feeders, and accessories that they offer. Also if a consumer would like to custom a product for a specific want or need, Chuck will also entertain that concept.

All product produced are made in the good old USA! Take a second and visit their informative web site

MONARCH DEER HUNTING PRODUCTS, 6112 West Pioneer Pkwy., Arlington, TX 76013



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