Bucks Antlers: When Do They Start Growing … EXACTLY?

The first half of the year I normally leave half a dozen game cameras out in the field to;

  1. See if I can locate wild turkey movement before and during their April and May season.
  2. Get after-season buck pictures so I have an idea of what bucks are still in my area.
  3. And because I enjoy checking out pictures of deer and other wildlife around here and seeing what they are doing during these months.

Ok, lets get back to the subject at hand. When time of the year do bucks start growing their antlers?  I was lucky enough to get game camera pics of bucks with the first stage of beginner antlers. And because the game cameras leave a Time-Stamp on every picture you and I learn exactly when the pictures were taken.

On March 27 my camera at a water seep took a picture of the buck below as he licks the moisture in the mud. Those bumps on his head, out in front of his ears are his starter antlers.


On April 5 another buck got his picture taken. You can see the small, beginner buds of his 2016 antlers up by his ears.


Below, is a picture taken the first week of April after a rain of a buck with antlers that are in their beginning stage. This buck was nice enough to hold his head up and get a little sunlight on the subject.


Deer Scouting Pictures for 2016 are at this link: http://www.bowhunting.net/category/online-bowhunts/scouting/