Black Out, Knock Out Wins In Ground Blinds

In A Ground Blind Black Is Better Than Camo!

ScentBlocker Introduces Black Out, Knock Out Clothing for Ground Blinds. 
Hunting from the ground for Wild Turkey, Deer, Bear and Predators? Be invisible in that blind with Black Out Clothing from ScentBlocker.

The new hunting clothing lineup using 5 proven flat-black ScentBlocker fabrics that scent free treated with superior Trinity™ Scent Control to keep serious hunters hidden from both wary eyes and super-sensitive noses. The Black Out series features a reborn Knock Out jacket, complimented with an ultra light-weight Trinity 1.5 Shirt, plus the Trinity Cap, Gloves and Versa head mask. ScentBlocker – more than scent control, this is The Advantage of Intelligence.