Do It Yourself Bowhunts – 2016: Southern Ohio Outfitters



Experienced hunters only: Looking for a prime area to hunt? Not looking for all the frills and hand holding? Looking for a nice place to stay and a nice place with great bucks to hunt? Well this is for you.


All weeks listed are considered peaks weeks by Southern Ohio Outfitters and have approximately the same opportunity rate, therefore all the same price. These hunts are 6 night/5 day and include lodging at one of SOO’s lodges.


We are taking a bare minimum amount of DIY hunters to ensure that the quality of our DIY hunts matches our guided hunts. Please DO NOT book this hunt based on price, book this hunt based on your ability too kill mature bucks with no help. These hunts aren’t meant for everyone, experienced hunters only.
What will be included:

• Limited guide help
• Map of farm
• Observation treestands in place but you will need to hang your own once you pattern deer
• One buck, one doe
• 130″ minimum


Price of Hunt – $1350
9/26 – 10/1 Bow Opener
10/28-11/1 Rut
11/3-11/7 Rut
11/9-11/13 Rut
11/30-12/4 Firearms
1/2-1/5 Muzzleloader


If a great DIY Hunt suites you be sure and contact: Southern Ohio Outfitters