Writers Camp: My Hog Hunt, Pt. 2

After hearing the crashing sounds when the group of wild hogs ran into the palmettos and brush I texted camp that I had shot a wild hog. At this point there was half an hour of daylight remaining. Soon one of the guides drove up behind the blind on an ATV. I got out of the blind and we went to check the situation out.

We looked for sign but could not find any blood. My arrow did not pass through the hog and I looked around for it. The guide received a call to help track at another stand location and we went there. That turned into quite a trailing job and led us through some thick woods. When they found the hog another guide picked me and Tim up and took us back to camp. He said we would look for my hog in the morning, it would be easier to see blood and tracks and any other sign when it was daylight.

We returned to the motel and I went across the street to a Dunkin Doughnut and got half a dozen and some O.J. and a small coffee and took them back to my motel room. They were good. In spite of the coffee I, as usual, had no problem going to sleep

The outfitter had arranged for me to be on an area Radio and TV show named Big And Wild. So I phoned in and talked to the guys on the show; Braden Gunn, Jonathan Swindle and Glenn Kinman. Their show was organized and fun and we had a good visit about bowhunting wild hogs in Florida and we also talked a little Bowhunting.net as well as the Writers Camp.


After the TV show I received a text from hog camp that they had recovered my wild hog in some mud near a small pond not far from where I shot it. My arrow was on the ground next to it. They took a picture and it was attached to the text.

My Mathew’s No-Cam and one of the new Swacker 3-blade broadheads had done the job for me.


Then I met everybody for lunch. Our outfitter Richard Meachum of Under The Son Outfitters met us and when we finished we all changed into our fine new Field & Stream hunting clothes and Richard took us went to the Boar’s Nest for another wild hog hunt.

This time we went to a large orange grove and walked through it to the woods edge that bordered a winding creek.


This Writers Camp was organized by Wade Nolan of Whitetail University. At the company end we have people from Atsko, Field & Stream Stores and Swhacker Broadheads. The outdoor writers are Joe ByersJosh HoneycuttTim Dehn of Arrow Trade magazineand the founder of the website Bowhunting.net, Robert Hoague. We are bowhunting wild hogs with Richard Meachum of Under The Son Outfitters