Writers Camp: ATSKO, Can You Really Eliminate Your Scent?

A Highlight of a Writers Camp is put on by the sponsoring companies. It is an opportunity to learn about the development of their products and their commitment to making products that actually work. We learned plenty from these two heads of ATSKO, a leader in the scent elimination field. In this video I made on site owner Kurt Von Bessser and National Sales Manager Kurt Baumgartner tell us how scent is created and what it takes for you to actually eliminate your scent.


The Writers Camp was organized by Wade Nolan of Whitetail University. At the company end we have people from Atsko, Field & Stream Stores and Swhacker Broadheads. The outdoor writers are Joe ByersJosh HoneycuttTim Dehn of Arrow Trade magazine and the founder of the website Bowhunting.net, Robert Hoague.