Vapor Trail Upgrades Pro-V Arrow Rest


Vapor Trail Archery, manufacturer of bow strings, cables, and arrow rests, has upgraded their popular Pro-V Arrow Rest making it quieter and more efficient than ever.

The Pro-V from Vapor Trail Archery, a USA based company, now features a larger, more contoured molded rubber bumper replacing the former smaller adhesive version. The new rubber bumper provides more cushion on the launcher arm, which in turn eliminates nearly all noise when firing.  In addition, the Pro-V has been redesigned to have a sleeker mounting system. Not only does this give the arrow rest a new, more streamlined appearance, but it also allows the rest to fit on a few bows that it previously could not.

Features of the Pro-V include the Full Capture Containment Cage which encapsulates the arrow on the rest, preventing the arrow from bouncing off of the rest at the moment of truth. The Pro-V is the first capture limb-driven rest of its kind. The Adjustable Spring Tension option allows the archer to fine tune their rest for improved accuracy while still allowing just the right amount of tension on the launcher arm.  Also, because the Pro-V is manufactured from machined aluminum, it is ultra-light weighing in at just 3 oz.

MSRP on the Pro-V is $129.99 for the standard red or black launcher model, or $139.99 for any of the other 15 custom color options which includes: all black, red, all red, blue, all blue, green, all green, pink, all pink, purple, all purple, gold, all gold, silver, and all silver.

For more information on the exciting new Pro-V, visit or visit your dealer today.