Outdoorsmans Intros Digidapter for Smart Phones



The Outdoorsmans is offering a new Digidapter for 2016 for hunters who use a smart phone. What does the Outdoorsmans Digidapter do? A Digidapter is a small device that allows the user to take pictures with his smart phone through a spotting scope.


The Digidapter body plate easily attaches to the body of a smart phone. Then a Digidapter ring is slid onto the Digidapter. Different size rings are made for different size and types of spotting scopes.


After the eye ring is attached to the Digidapter, slide the smart phone and Digidapter ring onto the eyepiece of the spotting scope. The Digidapter is a device that marries the spotting scope to the smart phone.


When the phone and Digidapter are attached to the spotting scope, the user can zoom into the desired magnification and take a picture with his camera phone.


The Digidapter is a great device for the hardcore backcountry hunter who wants to zoom in and get great pictures of bucks and bulls in the backcountry. The device is a great tool for the whitetail hunter who uses a spotting scope when scouting and hunting whitetails.


With the Digidapter, hunters can zoom in and get great pictures of the animal they are chasing and show it to their friends.


The Digidapter is made of durable machined aluminum and retails for $59.95. Digidapter rings for a wide array of spotting scopes are available.  They retail for $29.95-$34.95 and are sold separately.