Moultrie Now Offers Products For Total Game Management With Addition Of Attractants and Minerals

Moultrie®, the best-selling brand of trail cameras, game feeders and wildlife management products, has drastically expanded its lineup of game management products to include minerals and attractants—to offer consumers products to not only attract game to a particular location, but to also build upon the health and numbers of your local herds.

The Moultrie brand represents a complete dedication to total game management, and therefore the next logical piece of the game management plan was for Moultrie to move into minerals and attractants.

“We decided to enter the minerals and attractants market to not only bring the deer, bear or hogs to a particular spot repeatedly—but to grow the herd larger and healthier,” says Darrin Durham, Moultrie Assistant Brand Manager. “Moving into this line allows us to be the ultimate and true leader in total game management.”

This company-wide mindset has led to the creation of two key products for 2016, Pecan Pie™ attractant and Trophy Maker™ mineral.


Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie deer attractant is designed to be used by simply selecting a travel area for deer and then pour the deliciously nutty powder directly on the ground in small piles or narrow strips to attract deer to hunting sites, feeders or in front of a game camera. And because Pecan Pie is so versatile, is can be mixed with corn or other grains in troughs, gravity feeders and spin-cast feeders for maximum attraction power.


The unique blend is designed to powerfully attract deer year-round, but it also works like magic in regions where pecans are not native because of its strong aromatic qualities.


Trophy Maker

Containing phosphorous and calcium to promote both weight gain and antler development, Trophy Maker is fortified with Vitamins A, D and E for increased mineral absorption and overall exceptional herd health.


Trophy Maker features in irrespirable aroma and flavor to pull in bucks and does alike—and keep them coming back. The unique recipe is perfect for pairing with a game camera for conducting herd surveys and, most importantly, the low sodium content means that Trophy Maker contains more of the good stuff—minerals—and much less filler.


“Our products are tried and true,” says Durham. “They actually work in attracting and growing larger herds. We picked ingredients that are not typically found in deer minerals and attractants, focusing on what would continue to bring the deer in and also provide the best overall nutrition—and that sets us apart from the competition. The minerals we’re using are lower in salt content—you get more nutrition for your dollar,” adds Durham. “That means you’re buying a product that’s truly going to help grow your herd, and the animals are going to come back for more. This allows for overall herd management, produces larger does and healthier fawns, and it still provides the minerals to grow bigger antlers. It’s awesome stuff.”


In addition, Moultrie has developed an extensive line of liquid attractants for not only deer, but for bears and hogs as well. For whitetails, Corn Candy and Apple Swig are specialty concoctions crafted specifically for pulling and holding deer in front of a game camera … and the unique corn and apple aromas tap into the flavors of foods whitetails love most.


For hunters wild about throwing pig parties, Tusk Taker Apple Smash, Swine Wine and Corn Cocktail trigger feeding frenzies via potent fragrances in a liquid that penetrates deep into the soil to create an attraction site that lasts.


And few hunters know and understand the power of scent persuasion like bear hunters, and Moultrie has answered with Bear Magnet; Bear Magnet Savory Bacon, Raspberry and Blueberry; Powder Start Drip Bag (beaver castor scent) and Powder Drip Bag (anise scent).


MSRP List:

Pecan Pie: $14.99

Trophy Maker: $14.99

Camera Candy Corn Craze and Apple Swig: $9.99

Tusk Taker Apple Smash, Swine Wine and Corn Cocktail: $8.99-9.99

Bear Magnet Drip Bags: $12.99-15.99

Bear Magnet: $19.99

Bear Magnet Savory Bacon, Raspberry and Blueberry: $9.99


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About Moultrie

As the leaders in game management, Moultrie’s dedication to producing reliable and easy to use products has kept Moultrie as the top-selling brand in trail cameras and game feeders, for the past 35 years. With an insight for innovation, a commitment to excellence and continuous improvement, Moultrie is driven to develop new and superior products, year after year.