Black Lightning: Graphite/Silicone Lightning in a Tube


Archers are always looking for a better way to lubricate bow strings, servings and other parts of their equipment and that product is available in a handy to carry and use tube from Pro Release, Inc.

Black Lightning is a superior, long lasting all-purpose Graphite/Silicone Wax Lubricant that provides maximum lubrication, not only for bow strings and servings but for hard to fit nocks, arrow tips, moving parts like cams, eccentric wheels, axles and much more.

Jeremy Todd of Pro Release, Inc  noted, “Black Lightning is a soft, easy to use wax lubricant that will work in many applications for sporting goods to home, shop, garage and so much more. It is easy to work with and apply in that Black Lightning penetrates and coats to reduce friction and wear so its use increases product life and overall performance. Black Lightning will work on a variety of materials including wood, plastic, metal, rubber and of course bow string material.”


Black Lightning is also odorless, non-toxic and waterproof, perfect for all your lubrication requirements.


For more information please contact:   Pro Release Inc.
Phone: 810.512.4120