Last Bearhunt: I’m Ready, Are You?

The first bearhunter group to arrive was the McNeff family. Bob and Rob McNeff  have bear hunted with us for years. Then daughter/sister Joelle joined in and now we have Tucker, Jack and Nick too.


Every game camera is rockin’ with Canadian black bears. Here’s a young one.

And here is a not young one. He looks like a football center.
Check this bear out. He is attempting to reach through the heavy logs to get the goodies we left for the bears.
He figures out a particular fat, log is in his way so he grabs it.
And chunks it behind him, out of his way.
Later in the day, Fred checks the site and sees the wreckage. He replenishes the bear goodies and we stack the heavy logs back on top.


And we’re off to another site.

The next day we have a close up picture of a bear leaving the goodies area.
Fred sets up a Double Bull and the next afternoon we were in it, Fred with the bow and me with the video camera.


It was going to be a whizz-bang afternoon in the bear woods…

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