Gear Review: Rugged Lantern by Zippo


By: Gary Elliott
By: Gary Elliott

The name alone says it all and this LED lantern is no exception. I followed their lead and put the Rugged Lantern through a torture test and found this essential camp gear was everything Zippo said it was.

First off, I watched a couple videos about the RUGGED LANTERN™ and decided I needed to try the drop test as well. I was a little leery about tossing this lantern 5 ft. into the air.  So, with nothing to lose I did and found myself doing it again and again. With the LED light on, the bulb never flickered or went out. I was very impressed, as was my son who was watching me, extremely confused as to why I was doing this to my new lantern. The reason it can withstand these drops is the rubber corners and stainless steel tubes that take the impact rather than the  LED light.


Next was the water test – understand that your RUGGED LANTERN™ is water tested and rated at IPX7 which means it has been submerged into 3 ft. of water for a minimum of 30 minutes without any water leakage. Well again, it passed this test as well, which tells me that no matter what I throw at this lantern, within reason during camping I can rest assured it will hold up.

The LED light is controlled by the big red button which is easy to use even if you have gloves on. The light features the following settings: On 100%, the Lantern produces 220 lumens; Click again, 50% light; Click again, 10% light and lastly, another click gives you a blinking SOS signal. Also, know that the lower settings prolong the already 40 hr. rated light life on a 100% charge.  The lithium ion battery is rechargeable and has a status indicator light, and the 120v AC wall charger is included with the lantern. So, you have everything you need to add this lantern to your camping gear.


The handle strap is detachable, allowing you to hang the lantern anywhere or take it off and just set it on the picnic table or tent floor. The lantern weighs 3 lbs. and is grey and black. The only thing I thought Zippo could have offered was a case for it just to help keep it clean between uses.

Overall, this has been a great addition to my camping gear and one that will last long enough to pass down to one of my sons. This lantern can light a room or just enough space for a nice dinner at the campsite.

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