Antler Sheds: When? How? Why? Where?

What’s going on when bucks shed their antlers? How often do they do it?

Finding a buck’s antlers is always a thrill. And it’s usually a big surprise too. At least that’s my experience, I normally find them when I’m leisurely walking in the woods or hunting wild turkey.

Antler sheds raise lots of questions, too.  Do the buck’s kick them off or do they just fall off? Exactly why do bucks shed their antlers? What is the antler shedding process? And when does it happen?

Our Bowhunting Biologist, Wade Nolan, has the answer to these questions. Plus, more information and details about this unique process that happens to bucks in the Whitetail woods.

TO:  This Week In The Whitetail Woods,  by Wade Nolan