Rick Philippi Texas Grand Slam


Last Spring was a fantastic year for wild turkey hunting on my ranch here in Texas. Large, mature Toms were abundant. Our pressure is nonexistent and we do manage properly for wildlife, which helps. My son and I pass on the young jakes and gobblers to let them reach their full potential. Usually all that hunters talk about is deer management but we also apply this theory for our wild turkey. Believe me when I say we have some monster Toms.

I have been associated with BowTech Archery since 2002. I fell in love with their products and customer service from day one. BowTech is a very innovative company, taking their products to the next level year after year! Last February the UPS driver arrived at my front door with my new BowTech Prodigy. Taking it out of the box and holding in my hand, it felt so natural and well balanced. I immediately drove out to Cinnamon Creek Archery in Fort Worth to have my dear old friend, Willie set it up.


(By the way, Willie is the best archery tech I have ever worked with.) In two minutes the Prodigy was shooting bulls eyes on the 20 yard range. Then I went to the outdoor range and was shooting tight groups at 50 yards, wow!

Soon the Spring Turkey season was here. I would have to say that I have some of the finest Rio Turkey hunting in the Southwest. The first day out I called in many gobblers, finally taking a big longbeard at 15 yards, he dropped in his tracks.


Following that opening day I took three more Toms over the course of the season with the Prodigy making it a Rio Grand Slam!

The BowTech Prodigy offers the archer many different features including the Powerdisc with Powershift technology. This allows the shooter to adjust to one of three different settings. Let me give you some examples.

  • The Prodigy can be set to the performance setting for a competition style shooter that likes taking longer shots.
  • Another setting is the comfort setting for a smooth draw while hunting in very cold weather.
  • The last and final setting is the classic setting for a very effortless draw with hard hitting power. This is like having three bows in one!

Besides the Powershift and Powerdisc technologies, this shooting machine comes with the center pivot system to maximize the efficiency of the limbs, FLX-guard cable guide, Carbon rod string stop and the noise and vibration dampening systems. Believe me when I say this bow is quiet! The carbon rod string stop, and the Dura-Flex string dampeners make this bow extremely quiet right out of the box.

I truly believe the most important factor when shooting at big-game animals is using a bow that is silent upon the release of the arrow. You will have lethal and more accurate hits when the animal does not jump the string. I personally have always felt a silent bow upon the release of the arrow is the number one component in bowhunting success. The Prodigy also features the Overdrive Binary cam. This system allows for the highest levels of tuning and consistency by combining the best possible attributes in a cam system/Symmetry, Synchronization, and Stability. The top and bottom cams are a perfect mirror image of one another so they work exactly the same during the shot process. With the Binary Cam System, your cams are slaved to each other so that they both must turn lock step. Once set, it stays in place!

Another key ingredient the Binary Cam system provides is a tunable split buss attachment to both cams. This provides the most rigid assembly possible for both cams allowing the shooter to get their bow tuned properly and accurate.

To sum it up, The Prodigy is a dream to shoot. A true and innovative hunting machine! You can always call BowTech’s customer service and get an upbeat person who is willing to help you with any questions. To learn more about BowTech, jump out to bowtecharchery.com.

Safe Hunting, Rick