Sept 5: An Unwanted Guest



This morning I was set up and ready to take pictures before 6:00 am. It was still dark and as I waited I got more and more sleepy. The next thing I knew it was after 6:35 and early daylight. So if any bucks came through my side of the valley I slept through it.

Does were spread out between me and the gulch.


They were doing doe stuff; walking around, browsing and watching all around the area. A doe noticed something and walked a few steps in that direction.


Some of the other does noticed this and watched, still in a casual mode.


Suddenly their intensity changed and all the deer went on alert.


A couple of flags went up and one of the does started running.


There were 11 does in all. I took another picture.


Now, all of the does ran for it. Part of them ran to the north and several ran right by my blind. I tried to fit one in the camera viewfinder but they were moving too fast.

All the does were gone in seconds. I checked out the area they had been watching. A large coyote ran out of the nearby woods to the south. A big one with a full coat. Beautiful for sure, but totally unwanted. I tried to get its picture but he was moving too fast. Two other similar sized objects were a few yards further in the trees.

No more deer showed up this morning so I couldn’t take any more pictures.