New Deep Slice – From Innerloc




Sullivan Archery, maker of the popular Innerloc line of broadheads announced the introduction of it’s newest broadhead the Deep Slice. The Deep Slice comes on the heels of last year’s model the Slice, designed to fit the Easton Injexion shafts in the Deep Six line. Both models feature Innerloc’s innovative Blade Alignment Technology (B.A.T.) that allows the archer to align the broadhead blades to to the arrows fletching and more importantly, retain consistency on all arrows. This consistent alignment will tighten groups when shooting today’s fastest bows for pin point accuracy.

The new Deep Slice also features an exclusive base which is designed for matching tapers on the front of the new base and inside of the body so there is always a precise fit and alignment. The tip passes through the body securing the blades the same as Sullivan’s earlier Center Locking System™ broadheads however now the tip threads into the front of the base. This new design Blade Alignment Technology™ ensures precise alignment of the blade assembly prior to tightening the tip. Two way compression happens as the tip is secured and tightens the blades into the assembly. Tapering of the base and body are simultaneously secured locking the newly set blade orientation.

"Deep Slice"...  Tunable Deep Six Perfection.
“Deep Slice”… Tunable Deep Six Perfection.

The new Deep Slice™ is the first broadhead designed from the ground up to maximize the potential of the Injexion arrows and Deep Six components. This patent pending design features a hardened stainless steel base that will remain bullet proof even with the smaller size of the new shafts and inserts.

For more please go to: Sullivan Industries