Gear Review: TruFire Hardcore 4 Revolution


By: Gary Elliott
By: Gary Elliott

Last year I wrote about the Hardcore 4 Finger Release but I was a bit disappointed that the head did not swivel. Well, new things have happened since then and I am so glad that TruFire now offers the the Hardcore Revolution with a rotating head. Not only does it rotate 360 degrees but it can be “locked” into any of the 360 degree positions. Rotation occurs on 11 ball bearings which makes this an extremely smooth rotating head. If you consider yourself a control freak then you will really like the multitude of adjustments for the trigger knob, trigger tension and travel tension. The trigger knob can be re located in 16 different positions and both the trigger and travel tension can be adjusted independently. Even the lanyard adjusts and the loop retainer can also be removed. Doesn’t matter if you are right or left handed the Hardcore Revolution fits both.

For someone who has shot with wrist releases and uses the Hardcore Max wrist release as my primary release, I am now torn to which one to use. I really like my wrist release but I love how convenient a finger release can be with all the qualities I have come to like in my wrist release and the TruFire name. The smoothness of the hook, the confidence I feel when shooting as well. The weight of the release is 4.2 ounces and has a very solid feel to it. The revolution comes in Camo and Black and the MSRP is $169.00. For more please go to: TruFire Releases. Also, last but not least a big thanks to Hatch Marketing Group for allowing me the opportunity to review this release.

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