WARNING to Hunters, Hunting Outfitters and Agents


There has been an email/data collecting scam going on in the hunting industry where email addresses and data are being hacked and gathered to sent out to clients fake deposit invoices requesting deposit payments to bank accounts that have no affiliation to the outfitter/agent.

I personally know outfitters who have already suffered losses of ten’s of thousands of dollars due to this scam. I would recommend that you tell everyone that they should receive verbal confirmation from a known person at that company, not a “new guy”, of an invoice being sent and confirm bank details prior to sending/wiring any money.

Please share this information with everyone you know who is a hunter or in the hunting industry. These scammers have been successful at it and will undoubtedly repeat this scam.

Outfitters and agents should consider adding this warning to their email signature which is appended at the end of all outgoing messages in order to inform their clients:
IMPORTANT WARNING! Please do not send money in any form to your outfitter or agent before reading this:
There is a scam going on in the hunting industry where client email address list are being stolen and sent out to clients requesting deposit payments into bank accounts that are not affiliated with the outfitters/agent. Please call only me “your name” at “your number”, the number that you have contacted me at in the past, to verbally confirm with me that I have indeed sent to you an invoice and confirm bank details for payment.