HECS & Bowhunting.net Team Up For Savings

HECS STEALTHSCREEN garments have advanced concealment to a whole new level by providing the wearer with the ability to get closer to game animals than ever before possible. The animals we hunt, are able also to pick up the minor changes in their environment caused by the electrical field that all living creatures give off. These changes make them more aware of human presence and as a result, it is harder for us to get close enough for an accurate shot. This is especially critical with bowhunters since we have to get so close to the game we hunt.  HECS STEALTHSCREEN garments, due to their proprietary design and material, interfere with these signals and allow us to get much closer to the game.



Hunting season is right around the corner. Supplies are limited so if you want to get closer to game than you ever thought possible, click on the image above, watch the video and get into HECS. You won’t believe the difference it will make.

And for more please go to: www.hecsllc.com