Too Many Trophy Bulls!

That’s right. Greenland Outfitters has too many trophy bulls so last month the Greenland Game Dept gave owner Frank Feldmann 10 more tags for 2014 and 2015. “4 tags are still available in 2014 and for 2015 we have 5” .  Not done yet though. You can not only bowhunt muskox but there are also ample Caribou tags available.

Sept 2nd to 9th, Muskox and Caribou, 2-3 spots available.

Oct 10th to 17th, Muskox and Caribou, 2 spots available.

This could be you.
This could be you.

July 4th to 10th Muskox only, rifle okay

July 28th to Aug 4th, Muskox and Caribou, two spots available.

Sept 20th to 27th, Muskox and Caribou, two spots available.

This too.
This too.

If you ever dreamed about taking a trophy Muskox or Caribou with a bow now is the time to move. Dreams slip away. Don’t let this one slip. Book NOW!

To book, or for details please contact:
Greenland Outfitters
Frank Feldmann
Poul Ibsensbvej 635
3920 Qaqortoq
Cell phone. 011 299 284851
Office Phone. 011 299 641064