Special Offer HECS Stealthscreen

Special Offer HECS Stealthscreen.

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HECS STEALTHSCREEN is a revolutionary new material that allows you to get closer to animals in their natural, undisturbed state and experience life in the wild like never before. HECS STEALTHSCREEN works on big game, migratory birds, waterfowl, turkeys, sea life and much more.


HECS STEALTHSCREEN helps you stay undetected by combining 3 simple scientific principles.

  • Every living thing emits a faint electric signal.
  • HECS technology uses the Faraday cage in HECS clothing.
  • The conductive grid, known as a ‘Faraday cage’, blocks EM signals.

HECS technology uses the Faraday cage in HECS clothing. This is the most significant discovery for keeping the human body concealed from game since the advent of camouflage!

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One Response to "Special Offer HECS Stealthscreen"

  1. Rick Philippi   2014/07/12 at 3:12 pm

    this is an awesome product. I have worn it the last three years with excellent results.