Active-Scrape / Golden Scrape Combo for Scrap Results


Due to the extreme interest in mock scrape hunting and the high consumer demand for the Magnum Scrape-Dripper®, Wildlife Research Center® has developed the Active-Scrape® / Golden Scrape® – Combo. It takes scrape hunting to a whole new level!

Scrape hunting is one of the most effective ways to harvest quality Whitetail bucks and Wildlife Research Center® is the leader in scrape hunting products. The Active-Scrape® / Golden Scrape® – Combo includes 4 FL OZ Active-Scrape® and 4 FL OZ Ultra-Premium Golden Scrape® scents that makes for a deadly combination! Both come in Time-Released Formulas, for longer lasting results.

Active-Scrape® / Golden Scrape® - Combo The perfect one two punch to knock down that trophy buck!
Active-Scrape® / Golden Scrape® – Combo
The perfect one two punch to knock down that trophy buck!

In your Magnum Scrape-Dripper®, start with Active-Scrape®  to jump start your scrape. The smell of a strange buck in his territory enrages him, while the smell of a doe arouses him and keeps him coming back.

Then shift your scrape into overdrive with Golden Scrape® – A perfect blend of Golden Estrus® and intruding buck scents with subtle tones of fresh scraped earth and Territorial Musk™. This combination is the most lethal Wildlife® has ever developed!

Your hunting time is extremely valuable, so don’t mess around. Give that trophy buck the smells he’s been waiting for with the deadly effective Active-Scrape® / Golden Scrape® – Combo – The Gold Standard®

MSRP on the Active-Scrape® / Golden Scrape® – Combo is $24.99. It will be available at the better Sporting Goods stores this fall.

All products are 100% Money-Back Guaranteed – direct by Wildlife Research Center®
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  1. Robert Iler   2014/08/30 at 2:58 pm

    I wonder if I can find your product in Quebec, ACTIVE SCRAPE SCRAPE AND GOLDEN where other odors for white-tailed deer
    Thank you very much for your help