Treezyn Camouflage: Evolution in Camoflage

By: Jayson Basgall
By: Jayson Basgall

If you are as particular about hunting as I am, then you want your camouflage to be flawless. Hunting with the wrong camouflage pattern during different periods of the season could make or break your hunt. With all the things that could already go south, the last thing you want is your silhouette sticking out like a sore thumb. There are so many different camouflage patterns to choose from it can be quite difficult for someone who is inexperienced or just getting acquainted to the outdoors culture that so many of us enjoy. I have come across what I think is the next best thing in the evolution in camouflage textiles since sliced bread.

Treezyn Camouflage Company is here and its gonna make you rethink the camouflage your already wearing. Cobb Sanders founder of Treezyn camouflage has completely kept the hunter in mind when he thought up and designed this one of a kind pattern. With more than 30 years in environmental studies and countless man hours spent in the woods of Kentucky, this fractal design has the element that other camouflage companies have been and are still striving to achieve. Treezyn has come up with a concealment template like none other. It breaks up the normal blend in to your surroundings camouflage styles, and creates a distinctive 3D aspect mixed in with a digital layout inside the camouflage pattern. It is made up of ultra quite polymers so slipping into and out the the woods, or stalking up one the once in a lifetime trophy virtually silent.


Whether it be early spring, fall or getting into the late season hunting, Treezyn has the camouflage you’ll need! If you interested in learning more about the Treezyn brand please go check them out at their website and see for yourself how incredibly unique this camouflage is, or you can visit them on Facebook and and take a look at what others have to say about this product.
I am a proud member of team Treezyn and when I go into the woods I know I’m wearing the best technologically advance camouflage there is on the market. As we say here at team Treezyn, “Don’t just blend, become!”