South Texas Rio Grande Turkey Hunt


Bowhunt For South Texas Rio Grande Gobblers. On this hunt are Fred Lutger of Freddie Bear Sports, George Winters of Camo Clan TV, 6 of George’s friends and myself (Robert Hoague of

Robert Hoague
Webmaster of

Saturday, March 22: My pickup is packed with my clothes and blinds as well as turkey hunting calls, decoys and gear.  Tomorrow at noon I meet my long time turkey and bear hunting partner Fred Lutger at the San Antonio airport.  The plan is for us to meet up with George Winters for breakfast on Monday around 10:00am. After that we follow George to Sabinal, TX and 4 miles south to a 13,000 acre (fair chase) place I’ve never heard of before called Brushy Hill Ranch.

According to their web site there is “an abundance of water sources, including the Sabinal River, numerous tanks and troughs, and a number of wet & semi-wet creeks.” Abundance of water sources is a good thing but the Sabinal River and some wet creeks is what tweaks my interest.

Last year George and his brother Tim turkey hunted there and saw plenty of wild turkeys. So we’ll see how it goes this year. Check back for full turkey bowhunting updates right here.