NWTF Show: Part 2


More interesting products and news from the NWTF Show.

Jared Baker of Commando Hunting Products introduces Commando’s Smart Strike II, a waterproof striker with a built in locator call. Blow through the tip of the striker and you can produce the voice of a pileated wood peaker, hawk scream or a peacock.  
Chuck Isom demonstrates this call and then uses it as the striker for the Combo Glass & Slate Commando call. Website at commandihuntingproducts.com. Visit on Facebook at facebook.com/commandthewild

Steve Hutchison from Bowfinger Archery shows us the MEDUSA MAX, their Drop Away, Full Containment Arrow Rest. This arrow rest stays up on slow let down and drops away only when the bow is fired. Bowfinger Archery is also known for their Camera Mounts that attach an iPhone or other Smartphone on your bow, as well as hi tech Stabilizers. On the web at BowfingerArchery.com. On Facebook at facebook.com/pages/Bowfinger-Archery-Inc/239631566095917.



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